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With over ten years of experience in developing successful Real estate and startups. We take pride in delivering results for clients.

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Due to demand, we are only able to work with a lucky select few. We tend to focus on startups with scalables businesses as well as real estate agents. Must have a viable business with earning potential.

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Leader in, Start-up & Real estate growth, Financing and development in BC!

Would you like to transform your business into a top earner or dominate your respected industry? Let us help you achieve industry dominance by closing the gap between your current state and desired state. Are you ready for dominance? Choose the right services for you.

Startup Mentorship

Click here to Build a Peak Performing startup with the right People, Processes, and strategy.

Startup Investment

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Real Estate financing

Sometimes it takes more than a dream to build, it takes capital and we can help you get it

We Help Foster Growth

Are you’re an achiever and committed to being your best. Then let us help you bring ideas and strategies, and guide you through their execution to see lasting changes in your business.

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AboutJcorea Group

Take a second and imagine how incredible, liberating and rewarding it would feel to have the business of your dreams. You know, the one with a clear business map, focus and fully funded. This is what we do and why you should join us.

Our Mission


We’re guided by our mission to help entrepreneurs build successful business ventures.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”Jim Rohn.

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what you should expect.

  • Dedicated and actionable growth plan
  • Guided mentorship and leadership.
  • A differentiating Value Proposition to attract the right type of clients.
  • A systematic process for efficiency and success.
  • Raise funds you need to grow
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More than twenty years of knowledge and expertise in developing some of the biggest real estate deals and growing startups.

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We know where the smart investment is and how to cultivate success within early startups. Let us help you grow your fund.

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